Punta del Este


Punta del Este, the most cosmopolitan
seaside resort in South America, is
situated east of Montevideo, capital of
the Republic of Uruguay. It is 355
kilometers away from Buenos Aires and
1745 kilometers away from San Pablo
in Brazil. Its coasts are bathed by the
Atlantic ocean on the east and by the
River Plate on the west, which gives rise
to beaches of different characteristics:
"la Brava" (the beach with rough seas)
and "la Mansa" (the beach with
calm seas).

It is a garden city with a commercial
center well-developed for tourists in its
peninsula and a vast residential area
divided into neighborhoods. San Rafael
is one of the most ancient ones,from
where Punta del Este started to grow
and where our restaurant is located in a
classic granite and timber building which
in its beginnings used to be a hotel and
a tea room.

This seaside resort stands out for its
great variety of social, sport, cultural
and business activities where you can
otherwise spend a simple vacation in
the sun on the beach with the family.
Those who come and discover Punta
del Este always come back.

Punta del Este has a permanent
population of 10,000 inhabitants and it is
visited by almost half a million tourists
from all over the world every year.

It has an international airport, a
commercial airport for air taxis and
private aircrafts, a naval air station and
an excellent tourist marina in the center
of the peninsula.

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