Our history is intimately linked to that of
Punta del Este. The restaurant is among
the first buildings in San Rafael
neighborhood. After all these years, we
have many anecdotes to tell and have
developed many friendships. It is
precisely the affection and warmth of our
visitors from around the world what
motivates us to respect and value our

Nowadays, the third generation is the
one responsible for transmitting the spirit
and magic of the place. They do it with
the same enthusiasm and
professionalism as their elders who after
having studied in Uruguay broadened
their knowledge in neighboring
countries. Later, the left for Europe in
search for the most outstanding aspects
of that continent's cuisine and where
year after year there are new teachings
by great chefs like Blanc, Troisgros,
Arzak, Berasategui and L'Ecole Len˘tre,
among others.

During our long history in a young
country, we have had the privilege
of witnessing great national and
international events, of being visited by
illustrious figures from around the
world, of sharing celebrations with many
families, of watching the first steps of
men who now come with their children,
of celebrating the one-hundredth
birthday of a lady who has honored us
by being our customer for forty years.

As we said before, all this fills us with
pride but of commitment as well.

Opening year 1964.


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